Spinning Reels, Casting Reels, And Drum Reels Pros & Cons of Each


Currently, the most widely used fishing reels in the market are Spinning Reels, Casting Reels, and Drum Reels. Many fishing friends choose one at random and use it. Some fishing friends think that lures can only be used to catch freshwater fish, and they can only use casting reels, which is not the case.

In fact, all three types of fishing reels can use lures, and lures are not only suitable for freshwater fishing. In addition to freshwater fishing, they are also suitable for sea fishing. Sea fishing is different from freshwater fishing. Fishing reels are used whether on the shore, shallow sea, or deep sea. Therefore, fishing reels are more widely used in sea fishing than freshwater fishing.

So how can you choose a suitable one among spinning reels, casting reels, and drum reels? There is no standard answer to this question, and it still has to be decided according to their actual situation. Here, the author can only combine my personal years of fishing experience, and then make an analysis of their respective advantages and disadvantages for reference by fishing friends.

1. Spinning Reels

Spinning Reels are mainly composed of a lined cup and a force-unloading device. The lined cup is used to store the fishing line. The larger the wheel type, the longer the fishing line can be stored. There are two main types of line cups on the market: ordinary type and wide shallow type. , Wide and shallow pay-off and take-up will be faster. The unloading device is divided into front unloading and rear unloading. Generally, the braking force of the front is greater than that of the rear.

Spinning Reels

Advantages: It is very convenient to operate. It can be said that it can be used firsthand. It does not require any skills. It is very suitable for beginners to use. Moreover, its line cup is easy to disassemble and does not require much effort. The rocker's arm is also easy to replace. , the most important thing is that it is cheap, easy to clean and maintain, and has a wide range of applicability.

Disadvantages: There will be a 90-degree range when the fishing line winds around the rotating shaft. When the line is taken out, it will pass through this 90-degree turn and the loss of the fishing line will be relatively large. It is not suitable for the other two fishing reels, so it is not suitable for walking fish.

2. Casting Reels

casting reels are actually derived from spinning reels. It is named for its shape like water droplets. The structure of casting reels is very similar to that of spinning reels, except that Casting Reels have left and right wheels and the rocker's arm cannot be replaced casually. Compared with spinning reels The biggest feature of reels is the use of brake technology, which can effectively prevent the problem of fishing line knotting. Now there are mainly centrifugal brakes and magnetic brakes on the market. It can be said that the greater the braking force, the more you can avoid the phenomenon of fishing line knotting. Of course, the greater the braking force, the closer the throwing distance is, which is relative.

Advantages: Small size, can be operated with one hand, the throwing is more accurate, and it can be pulled back directly, and the strength when returning to the line will be greater, and it saves effort when fishing. Moreover, the direction of the line in the cup line is the same as that of the line out, so the line out and the line out are parallel, and there is no turning angle, which greatly reduces the damage to the fishing line.

Disadvantages: The capacity of the line cup is relatively small, and it is not as convenient to maintain as a spinning wheel, and if the fishing reel is not adjusted well, it is easy to cause the problem of fishing line knotting. This requires some skills, so it is not suitable for newcomers who are not skilled in technology.

3. Drum Reels

Drum Reels originated in ancient times. In ancient times, they were called Bagua Wheels. They were improved on the basis of ancient fishing boats. They got their name because they look like drums. In fact, both spinning reels and casting reels are also improved according to the evolution of drum reels. Its structure is relatively compact and relatively durable, and its wire capacity is also good, so it is widely used, and its unloading force and braking force are the best, and they are more convenient to adjust than the first two.

Drum Reels

Advantages: The capacity and outlet direction of the cup line are also the same, the outlet guide ring that moves left and right circularly matches the outlet, and the gears on both sides are fixed by a single shaft, so it has a star-shaped braking force to adjust the dial, There is also a brake system that can be adjusted independently to achieve uniform force and faster and smoother take-up and release.

Disadvantages: Most drum reels can only cast lures of more than 7 grams, which is not suitable for light lures. Only a few high-end drum reels have the function of throwing light baits. Then it is easy to knot the fishing line, which has certain requirements for fishing operation skills and is also not suitable for beginners.

Choice of fishing reel

Spinning Reels
It has a wide range of applications, whether it is freshwater or seawater, it can basically be used in all environments, especially for long-range throwing waters and sea fishing, and can also be widely used in various lure competitions, It is the most suitable fishing reel for beginners
Casting Reels
It is suitable for freshwater areas and has certain requirements for casting technology. It can only be used in freshwater lures. It can be said to be representative of freshwater lures. There were casting reels that can be used for sea fishing before. When used, it was found that the effect was not very good. Many lure fishermen always feel that there is something missing without Casting Reels, so this is more suitable for lure masters with certain casting skills.
Drum Reels
drum reels were originally developed for sea fishing, and are more suitable for seaside boat fishing or deep sea fishing. Therefore, if it is a freshwater lure, I really don’t recommend using drum reels, because they can’t play its application value. drum reels are more practical unless you are fishing in freshwater with a raft or a boat.

To sum up, spinning reels are the most suitable fishing reel for beginners. If you don’t have any casting skills, it’s better to choose spinning reels; casting reels is the first choice for freshwater fishing; for sea fishing, spinning reels, and drum reels are both It's a good choices, but it depends on your throwing skills to choose the one that suits you.

Finally, I would like to remind all fishing friends that when choosing a fishing reel, you must look at the weight of the lure: it is best to use spinning reels below 7 grams. The appearance is smooth and the casting distance can be a little longer. If it is more than 7 grams, you can choose any of the three types, but casting reels and drum reels are relatively better, and the throwing distance is also longer.

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