Layfishing was founded in 2018 by Ivy and Lay; the two close friends have always had a passion for fishing and family. This passion leads to the company slogan: “Fish with Family”. As a fishing brand dedicated to offering high-quality, affordable fishing gear, Layfishing strives to cut down circulation costs. With this strategy, customers across the globe can equip themselves with high-quality fishing gear that will not break the bank.

We want customers to know

That Layfishing is here to make fishing fun and affordable again so that the average angler can afford high-quality gear.

Brand Background

Ivy is an owner of a fishing product manufacturing facility. Having been dedicated to manufacturing fishing gear for over 5 years, the manufacturer not only supplies quality products to other well-known brands but also fosters its own original design capabilities. Ivy’s friend Lay is an avid angler who has traveled to and fished many amazing fishing destinations, such as Australia, Malaysia, Florida, etc. Together, they bring you Layfishing.

Our Advantages

Our success is based on continuous devotion to our customers’ needs. We are extremely focused on designing and developing what our customers want and need. We are dedicated to bringing you the best and most cost-effective fishing accessories on the market today. In order to create great products, we work with Pro Fishermen all over the world to gain knowledge and insight into what anglers want. This design process ensures that you are receiving a top-notch product.
We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products, we will not settle for poor craftsmanship, we will not settle for less.

Responding quickly to the needs of our customers is important to us. Speed and responsiveness are critical aspects of our business. Our manufacturers have always been front-runners. We take pride in being able to bring our customers the high quality they desire in a quick and efficient manner.

“Fish with Family”

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