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Are you an avid angler looking to repair or upgrade your fishing reel? Finding the right replacement fishing reel handle can be a challenge if you don't know where to look. Not only do you need to find a handle that fits your specific reel model, but you also want something durable and affordable. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of buying a replacement handle for your fishing reel and provide tips on how to choose the right one. We'll also recommend some of the best places to shop online for high-quality, budget-friendly replacement handles with fast shipping.

Why Buy a Replacement Handle?

There are a few key reasons why investing in a new handle for your fishing reel is worth considering:

  • Upgrade to higher quality materials like aluminum or carbon fiber. The handle that came with your reel may be made of cheaper plastic prone to breaking. An upgrade provides better grip and more durability.
  • Repair a broken or damaged handle. If your existing handle is loose, wobbly, cracked or broken, replacing it can restore function and performance.
  • Customize handle length and knob shape. Aftermarket handles allow you to fine tune the ergonomics of your reel handle for your specific hand size, fishing style and comfort.
  • Corrosion resistance. Saltwater corrodes metal handles over time. A new one keeps your reel looking sharp.
  • Improve cranking power. Larger, ergonomic handles give you leverage to crank in fish efficiently.
  • Affordable repair. Quality replacement handles often cost significantly less than buying a whole new reel.

Choosing the Right Replacement Handle

When shopping for a replacement handle, keep these key factors in mind:

  • Reel model - Handles are precisely engineered for specific reel makes and models. Matching is crucial for proper fit and performance.
  • Handle style - Options include straight or swept handles and different knob shapes like round, tear drop or oval. Consider handle angle and grip size.
  • Handle material - Graphite, aluminum and stainless steel are common options. Graphite is lightweight while metal handles are stronger and more rigid.
  • Handle side - You need to match the left or right side handle. Handles are designed specifically for each side.
  • Length - Standard handle lengths vary by model, with options for longer or shorter custom handles.
  • Color - Most handles come in silver, black or gold colors, with some unique patterns and colors available too.
  • Brand - Stick with reputable brands known for quality like Shimano, Okuma, Penn and Abu Garcia.

Where to Buy Quality Replacement Fishing Reel Handles Online

The best place to buy replacement reel handles is tackle shops or outdoors retailers that specialize in fishing gear and offer a wide range of reel parts and accessories. Here are some of top recommended sources for replacement handles online:

Amazon - Convenient one stop shop with huge selection of handles and parts for all reel brands. Benefits include fast shipping for Prime members and easy returns.

Layfishing - Trusted retailer with big parts inventory. Helpful reel schematics guide handle selection. Fast free shipping on orders over $50.

What to Pay for Replacement Fishing Reel Handles

A quality replacement handle costs between $10 and $40 depending on the material, brand and custom options selected. Here are some typical price ranges:

  • Entry level plastic handles - $20 to $35
  • Mid-range aluminum handles - $35 to $60
  • High-end carbon fiber handles - $60 to $80+
  • Custom length or exotic materials - $80 to $100+

While you can find cheaper knock-off handles, paying for quality ensures a proper fit, better performance and durability to handle big fish. The precision engineering and materials of handles from reputable brands makes them well worth the price.

Installing Your New Handle

Installing a replacement handle is a simple process you can easily DIY at home:

  1. Remove existing handle using a screwdriver to detach reel side plate and access interior components.
  2. Carefully remove handle retention screw and slide old handle off shaft.
  3. Clean interior of reel and apply fresh grease on shaft and gears.
  4. Slide new handle into position aligning with retention screw hole.
  5. Reinstall retention screw tightly using proper sized screwdriver.
  6. Test handle rotation and reattach reel side plate when complete.

Take care not to lose small interior components when removing old handle and be sure to maintain proper reel lubrication. If the process seems too complex, local tackle shops can often install new handles for a small fee.

New Fishing Reel Handle Performance

Once you’ve installed a fresh replacement handle on your fishing reel, you’ll appreciate an immediate difference in performance, comfort and fish fighting ability. Benefits include:

  • Smooth and wobble-free handle rotation
  • No more loose or unstable feel when cranking
  • Easier retrieval of hooked fish with power cranking leverage
  • Reduced hand and wrist fatigue after long days fishing
  • Strikes and bites are easier to detect through handle sensitivity
  • Sharper hooksets enabled by responsive, rigid handle
  • Customized handle ergonomics to match your style and hand size
  • Increased reel life by repairing a damaged component

Investing in a quality replacement handle is one of the best and most affordable ways to upgrade and maintain your fishing reel performance.


Getting your hands on an affordable high-quality fishing reel handle replacement is easy and convenient when you shop at the online retailers recommended above. Take time to find the right handle for your specific reel model and consider options like materials, length and ergonomics to get the best performance and comfort. Installing a handle yourself is a simple DIY project. And the benefits of smooth cranking power and reduced hand fatigue are immediate. Give your fishing reel an upgrade today with a new replacement handle ordered online and shipped fast. Tight lines!

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