Benefits of shimano reel handle upgrades


As avid anglers, we can all attest to the importance of having quality equipment when it comes to fishing. The Shimano reel handle is a crucial component of any fishing setup, and upgrading your handle can provide a multitude of benefits.

In this article, we will explore the advantages of upgrading your Shimano reel handle, and why it's worth investing in this component of your fishing gear.

Improved Comfort and Grip

One of the significant advantages of upgrading your Shimano reel handle is improved comfort and grip. When you spend an extended amount of time fishing, a comfortable handle can make a significant difference in your overall experience. Upgraded handles are designed to fit the shape of your hand better, providing a more ergonomic grip that reduces strain and fatigue.

The handle's texture is also critical for grip, especially when your hands are wet. Many upgraded handles are made with rubber or cork material, providing excellent grip even in wet conditions. This feature is particularly useful when fishing in the summer months when your hands are sweating or when fishing in environments with lots of water spray.

Improved Traction

Another benefit of upgrading your Shimano reel handle is improved traction. The handle's traction refers to how well the handle interacts with your line when you are reeling in. A smooth handle can cause your hand to slip, reducing your ability to control your line, which could lead to losing your catch.

Upgraded handles are designed with ridges and other features that increase grip, providing a more secure connection with your line. Also, handles that are made with a softer material grip the line better, giving you more control over your reel. This feature is particularly useful when fishing in environments with heavy vegetation or rocky surfaces, where losing your catch is a real possibility.

Improved Casting Distance and Accuracy

Another essential feature of the Shimano reel handle is its effect on casting distance and accuracy. The upgraded handle's ergonomic design can help you cast further and with greater accuracy. The energy transfer from your hand to the reel is smoother, allowing for more power to be transferred through the cast.

Also, the grip on the upgraded handle provides greater control, allowing you to precisely cast to where the fish are. This feature is particularly useful for anglers who enjoy freshwater fishing, as it enables casting to specific targets in small water bodies such as small streams.


Durability is an essential consideration when choosing a fishing reel handle. A quality fishing handle should be built to last, especially for frequent anglers who spend the majority of their time fishing.

Upgraded Shimano reel handles are often made with materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear, such as aluminum. This construction ensures the handle can handle the wear and tear of frequent fishing and maintain its functionality for years to come. Additionally, several aftermarket shimano reels handles are built with carbon fiber, which is almost indestructible, ensuring make them last longer.


The other benefit of upgraded Shimano reel handle is malleability; this mainly applies to after-market handles that are custom made. Shimano handles come in different shapes and sizes, making it tricky for anglers to find the exact fit that suits their needs.

After-market Shimano handles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the one that suits your exact preferences. The knob dimensions and spacing can all be altered for the best customization. This feature provides you with a handle that feels like it was made especially for you.

Style and Personalization

Upgraded Shimano reel handles also come with the added benefit of style and personalization. Most aftermarket handle manufacturers offer a variety of colors and designs, allowing anglers to choose the one that suits their fishing gear's color scheme or personal style.

Adding a new handle can add a layer of detail to your gear making it look more unique, you can also add custom designs that will help personalize your gear so that it looks like no other.


Upgraded Shimano reel handles come in different price ranges, often starting from as low as $20 for basic models and going up to $200 for the top-end models. The price range caters to anglers of different budgets, and in most cases, you get what you pay for. The high-end models are often more durable, offer better performance and more customization options, while the cheaper models offer an alternative for anglers on a budget.


In conclusion, upgrading your Shimano reel handle is a worthwhile investment that can provide several benefits, including improved comfort and grip, improved traction, improved

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