Upgrade Your Fishing Reel with Shimano Curado Power Handle - Boost Your Angling Performance


Fishing is a popular pastime activity that involves catching fish using fishing equipment such as a rod, reel, and fishing line. The type of equipment used affects the angler's success and enjoyment of the activity. A high-quality fishing reel is an essential component to catch a variety of fish with ease, and the shimano curado power handle is an excellent option that can help anglers upgrade their reels to boost their angling performance. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of shimano curado power handle and how to upgrade your fishing gear to become a more successful angler.

Fishing is a fun and relaxing activity that offers a range of benefits, including stress relief, outdoor adventure, and socialization. Anglers use various types of fishing reels, such as baitcasting, spinning, or fly reels, depending on the species of fish they're targeting. A fishing reel is a crucial piece of equipment that allows the angler to cast the line and reel in the catch. Having a high-quality reel can make a significant difference in the angler's success.

Shimano curado power handle is a modification offered for the Shimano Curado reel that provides anglers with an additional level of control, power, and comfort. This upgrade has gained popularity in recent years due to its benefits and the increased demand for seamless angling experiences.

What is Shimano Curado Power Handle?

Shimano Curado is a popular brand of fishing reels that are known for their durability and fast retrieval rates. In 2017, the company introduced a modification to the reel, the shimano curado power handle. This add-on is a handle crafted to maximize the angler's power output and control effectively. The handle has a dual paddle design and is constructed from high-quality aluminum and carbon material.

The shimano curado power handle ensures a comfortable grip position, increasing the angler's ability to hold down the extra weight of the fish. The handle also provides increased performance and torque power, which helps to retrieve fish with less effort and complete control. This modification maximizes the reel's performance and potential in various fishing settings, ensuring that anglers enjoy a seamless and more successful fishing experience.

Benefits of Upgrading to Shimano Curado Power Handle

The shimano curado power handle modification offers various benefits to anglers, and we've highlighted them below.

Improved Power and Control

One of the essential benefits of upgrading to the shimano curado power handle is the increased power and control the new handle provides. The Shimano Curado reel has already established itself as being a powerful option for anglers. However, the power handle adds an extra element of control when retrieving your catch, making it easier for you to reel in your catch swiftly and without encountering any resistance along the way.

During the retrieval process, the position of the handle can affect the angler's strength, especially when dealing with large fish. The shimano curado power handle offers a comfortable grip that ensures the angler feels confident during the retrieval process. With this modification, you'll enjoy a seamless experience and feel in complete control of your catch.

Enhanced Comfort

The shimano curado power handle is constructed from high-quality materials, resulting in a comfortable grip. The handle's design includes a dual-paddle shape that ensures that the angler can grip and handle comfortably, even for an extended period. It reduces fatigue and accommodates anglers with varying-sized hands. The carbon and aluminum construction materials were selected due to their strength and weight, making the shimano curado power handle a lightweight option which is easy to use.

Increased Torque

The power handle provides increased torque that helps to reel in fish quicker. This is particularly important when dealing with larger fish that put up more resistance during the retrieval process. The shimano curado power handle provides a superior grip and increased strength, enabling anglers to exert more force while reeling in their catch. The additional torque helps to retrieve the fish quickly and more efficiently, resulting in a successful fishing experience.


Another advantage of the shimano curado power handle is that it's versatile and can be used in various settings, including freshwater, saltwater, and heavy cover water fishing. This modification allows anglers to enjoy their favorite fishing activity without having to worry about the type of fishing environment. The shimano curado power handle can withstand various levels of fish resistance and increases anglers' success rates in both fresh and saltwater fishing.


The shimano curado power handle is affordable and offers excellent value for money considering the many benefits it provides. Anglers can significantly improve their fishing experience without breaking the bank. Rather than investing in an entirely new reel, anglers can upgrade their existing Shimano Curado reel with the power handle.

How to Upgrade your Reel with Shimano Curado Power Handle

Upgrading your fishing gear by adding the shimano curado power handle involves the following steps:

Step 1: Purchase the Power Handle

To upgrade your Shimano Curado reel, the first step is to purchase the shimano curado power handle. The handle is available for purchase from most fishing gear retailers both online and offline. Ensure to buy a compatible handle according to the type of your Shimano Curado reel.

Step 2: Remove the Old Handle

The next step is to remove the old handle that came with your Shimano Curado reel. The procedure for removing the handle may differ slightly depending on the model. Refer to your reel's manuals and unscrew the old handle from the reel's body, carefully loosen and remove the screw that holds it in place.

Step 3: Attach the New Handle

Attach the shimano curado power handle to the reel's body in the same position as the removed handle. Tighten the screw and ensure the handle is securely fastened to the fishing reel body.

Step 4: Test your New Handle

After installing the shimano curado power handle to your reel, perform a simple test by spooling the reel with the appropriate test line and reeling in different types of bait. The test run should demonstrate a significant difference in performance and strength.


Fishing is an enjoyable activity, but having the right fishing gear is crucial to success. The shimano curado power handle provides an extra layer of power, torque, and control that anglers appreciate. It's affordable, versatile, and easy to install, making it a go-to option for anglers looking to upgrade their existing fishing gear. The shimano curado power handle is an excellent investment that can improve your performance on any fishing trip across varied fishing regimes. Upgrade your fishing gear today and join the list of successful anglers with the Shimano Curado.

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