Penn Spinfisher Handle Upgrade Brings Different Performance Experience


For many anglers, the Penn Spinfisher is a top choice for saltwater fishing. Its reputation for durability and performance precedes it, making it a popular choice among seasoned and novice anglers. However, even the most reliable fishing gear undergoes wear and tear, which can affect its performance. One of the most important components of a fishing reel is the handle, and with the Penn Spinfisher, upgrading the handle can significantly enhance its performance and provide an overall better experience.

Here, we will delve into the benefits and considerations of upgrading your Penn Spinfisher handle, whether for personal preference or the need for replacement, and what factors to keep in mind when making your selection.

Why Upgrade Your Penn Spinfisher Handle?

There are several reasons why upgrading your Penn Spinfisher handle is a good decision. For one, the handle is one of the most frequently used components of the fishing reel, and over time, it can experience wear and tear. Your Penn Spinfisher may have come with a durable handle, but sometimes, you may want to explore other options that can provide better ergonomics, comfort, and grip.

Another reason is that a new handle can improve the performance of your Penn Spinfisher by making it easier to use, more comfortable, and more efficient. When fishing for long hours or in challenging conditions, a comfortable grip can make a big difference in reducing hand fatigue and improving your fishing experience.

Moreover, upgrading your handle can give your Penn Spinfisher a new look or personalize it to your liking. Fishing is a hobby that often requires a significant investment, and customizing your gear can make it feel more like your own.

Factors to Consider

When looking to upgrade your Penn Spinfisher handle, several key factors can help you make an informed decision. Some of these factors include:


Not all handles are created equal, and it is critical to find one that is compatible with your Penn Spinfisher model. Some models use different types of handles, and failing to match them correctly can result in an ill-functioning reel.


Fishing reel handles are commonly made from aluminum, plastic, or carbon fiber. Aluminum is sturdy and corrosion-resistant, but it can also be heavy depending on its design. Plastic handles are lightweight and affordable, but they may not have the same level of durability as aluminum or carbon fiber. Carbon fiber handles are the most expensive but offer the lightest weight and excellent durability.


The grip is one of the most critical factors in a handle, as it can affect your fishing efficiency, especially in wet conditions. Higher-end handles may feature rubber or cork grips that provide superior comfort and control and are resistant to water absorption. Plastic handles are more slippery when wet, and without a rubberized grip, they can be challenging to hold.


The handle’s shape and size play a significant role in its ergonomics, and it is essential to choose one that provides optimal comfort for your hand size and grip. Some handles have a knurled pattern or ridges that promote a better grip, while others have a smooth surface. It is also important to consider the handle’s shape, whether it is straight, tapered, or angled, as this can affect how fast you can retrieve the line and how much power you can exert.

Penn Spinfisher Handle Upgrade Options

When upgrading your Penn Spinfisher handle, some options are worth considering. Below are some of the most popular handle upgrade options in the market.


Aluminum handles are durable, resistant to corrosion, and come in different colors and designs that can help you customize your Penn Spinfisher. They tend to be heavier than plastic handles, but some models

feature knob designs that promote a better grip and ergonomics. One example of an aluminum handle upgrade option is the Penn Squall Lever Drag or Slammer III aluminum handle. These handles feature a comfortable knob grip with non-slip ridges that provide excellent grip even in wet conditions.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber handles are popular among anglers as they are the lightest and most durable option on the market. They have excellent resistance to corrosion and can withstand prolonged use without developing cracks or deformities. They also feature a unique look that can complement the appearance of your Penn Spinfisher. One good example of a carbon fiber handle upgrade option is the Shimano Sustain FI carbon handle. It has a comfortable knob grip and boasts superior lightness, making it ideal for long fishing sessions.

Rubberized Cork

Rubberized cork handles are gaining popularity in the industry, as they provide superior comfort and grip for anglers while remaining lightweight. They also have excellent water resistance properties and can maintain their texture even in wet conditions. These handles often feature a cork-like appearance combined with a rubber coating that improves the grip on the handle. An excellent example of a rubberized cork handle upgrade option is the EVA cork handle from Kastking. It features an ergonomic design that enhances user comfort, and the cork coating has a distinctly premium feel and appearance.


While the Penn Spinfisher is a dependable saltwater fishing reel, it can benefit from a handle upgrade sooner or later. Upgrading the handle can enhance its performance, improve comfort, and make your fishing experience more pleasant. As with any fishing gear upgrade, it is essential to choose an option that is compatible with your model and meets your specific needs. Consider the various factors discussed above, such as material, grip, ergonomics, and compatibility, when making your decision. A handle upgrade can be an excellent investment in your fishing gear and ensure that you enjoy your time on the water to the fullest.

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