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I don’t know if you have noticed. In the past, fishing was only a hobby of some retirees, but now more and more young people are joining it. Think about it too, a Maza, an umbrella, isn't this the same as outdoor camping.

However, if you want to fish, you need fishing gear. The most basic equipment includes fishing rods, fishing lines, fishhooks, fishing reels, floats, nets, folding buckets, small horses, folding buckets, umbrellas, etc., and the most important The only thing is the fishing rod. However, if you look online, you will find that there are hand poles, sea poles, rocky poles, etc., and then there is tonality, and then there are first diameter, yuan diameter, number of nodes, length, a bunch of technical terms, It hasn't started yet, and everyone is dizzy.

So, if I just want to go fishing occasionally on weekends, and I don’t pursue multi-professional gameplay, is there an easier way to choose a suitable fishing rod? Based on the experience of myself and my friends who love fishing, the editor briefly summed up several core items, and explained them in a simple and popular way, so you can refer to them.

1. The material of the fishing rod

Some places say the weight of the pole, but the weight of the pole is largely determined by the material of the pole. At present, fishing rods are mainly made of FRP and carbon materials. The higher the carbon content, the lighter and harder the rod is, but the price is also high. Generally, the carbon content is expressed in the form of T+ numbers, but the toughness of carbon rods is not as good as that of glass. The fiber rod is good, brittle, and conductive. If it is not used properly, it is easy to break, so for beginners, it is enough to choose medium and low carbon content or glass fiber.

2. The length of the fishing rod

Most of them are fishing by rivers, lakes, fish ponds, and other places, so hand poles are mainly used, and the general lengths are 2.7 meters, 3.6 meters, 4.5 meters, 5.4 meters, 6.3 meters, and other specifications. Compared with the degree of convenience combination, it is recommended that novices choose 4.5 meters and 5.4 meters. Generally, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and wild ponds can be used.

3. The tonality of the fishing rod

Tonality can also be called the hardness of the rod in popular terms, and it is also the waist strength that fishermen often say. The common tonality of rods is divided into soft rods, medium-hard fishing rods, hard fishing rods, and fighting rods, commonly known as five-five and four. 6, 37, 28, and 19, of which 55 and 46 are relatively soft and are only suitable for fishing small fish. It is also difficult for novices to control, so it is not recommended to choose. Generally speaking, the hardness of 28 fishing is moderate, which is more suitable for fishing crucian carp and carp. and other common fish.

4. Price

There are two extremes here, one is extremely cheap, on a certain day and night, the 4.5m and 5.4m hand poles even cost more than a dozen or twenty yuan with free shipping, and the carbon poles that are broken and replaced are not guaranteed. It can’t be used. If there are fishing friends around you, you will know what’s going on. The other is to come up pursue world-famous brands such as Shimano and Daiwa with the highest configuration, which cost tens of thousands of dollars. Even if we can afford it financially, we don’t need to pay such expensive tuition fees. After fishing for a while, It's never too late to choose if you really have experience and interest.

Let's share some fishing rods suitable for novice anglers.

Economical and affordable

The main price is between 100-200 yuan, which is suitable for people who are looking for some entertainment items for small and long vacations. They do not have high requirements for the performance and feel of the fishing rod, but the quality is guaranteed. Some of the more famous poles are Guangwei, Handing, Dongao, Ausini, Jiadiaoni, and other brands.

1. Guangwei (GW) integrated rod, the second generation of war fins, 4.5 meters

Guangwei is also an old brand of more than 30 years. Although this pole is only an entry-level pole, it still uses high-density carbon cloth with stable performance. 28 carbon adjustments, sufficient waist strength, and a metal rod stop + rod tip + gift bag.

2. Handing No. 1 fourth generation M tune 28 tune 5.4 meters

Although Handing has been established for a short time, its sales volume is currently among the best in the market. It has a lot of products and can be selected. Whether it is online or offline, its after-sales service is very good.

This entry-level handle is made of small cloth carbon cloth with reverse wire inside and outside, which is lighter and tougher. The net weight of the 5.4m pole is only 112 grams. Blocking, fishing off free joints, free original rods, the details and quality are far superior to most 100-odd rods.

mid-range cost-effective

The main price of this kind of pole is between 100-400, which is more suitable for novices who have a certain interest in fishing and have free time. The well-known ones include Guangwei, Handing, Fisherman, Daiwa, Baofeilong, etc.

1, Han Ding big version 5.4 rice

8-layer carbon cloth cross-rolling, thickened rod wall, tough 28 adjustments, can easily catch 14 catties of large objects, a 24-strand braided rod with a rope, specially designed for pulling giant objects, 5.4 meters net weight 227 grams, good for fishing large The fish took no effort.

2. Tianyuan Langjian Black Pit Fishing Rod 5H4.8m

Wuhan Tianyuan is a relatively mid-range brand among domestic brands. Its products are cost-effective and suitable for fishing where the budget is not particularly sufficient. This wave tip black pit fishing rod is made of carbon cloth imported from Japan, with different winding methods of carbon cloth inside, outside, and inside, which can effectively reduce the weight of the fishing rod. The details are in place and the workmanship is excellent. In addition to the black pit slow fish, it can also be used for competitive fast fish and leisure wild fishing. It is a very versatile high-quality hand rod.

mid-range improvement

This part of the fishing rod has excellent workmanship, good coating, and high carbon content, but it also requires relatively high professionalism in operation. It is suitable for fishing enthusiasts with sufficient budget and certain fishing experience. The price of the product is mainly between 600-1000. At this price, you can buy high-end products of domestic brands and mid-range products of imported brands.

1. DAIWA One Strike F 63 (Comprehensive)

DAIWA was established in Japan in 1958. Its fishing reel technology is very outstanding. It was only in 1979 that high-purity carbon fiber was applied to fishing rods. It is a world-renowned fishing gear brand and is loved by fishing friends all over the world.

This one-shot F63 hand pole, imported by Yunna with original packaging, uses the HVF carbon fiber cloth developed by Daiwa. Its weight is only 175 grams, and its feel and durability are moderate. It is enough for large and small fish in most waters, such as carp, crucian carp, and grass carp Luo Fei, the paint and color matching are also very elegant and classic, and it is a product with very balanced and excellent performance.

2. A master comprehensive fishing rod

The brand of Yiyi Master is relatively high-end among domestic fishing rods. Whether it is materials, workmanship, or appearance, it is not a foreign brand, and it is also highly evaluated among senior fishing friends.

This comprehensive rod adopts embedded double bearings, 360-degree universal transfer, prevents entanglement, tight rod joints, good coordination, strong waist strength, and a rearward center of gravity. Fishing for a long time is not tiring, and the thickness of the braided handle has been passed through many times. Modification and improvement, comfortable grip, classic black and white color matching, full of texture. Although the price is not cheap, it is still flocking to it.

Written at the end, for most novices, fishing is a process of constant trial and error, exploration and progress, so we have to start from our own needs for the first rod. Anyway, if we want to continue playing, we have to change it. One is enough.

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