Custom Fishing Lure Wraps, A Great Gift for Any Angler


Fishing is a popular hobby enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. For passionate anglers, having the right fishing gear can make all the difference in their success out on the water. One great fishing gift idea that any fisherman or woman will appreciate is a custom fishing lure wrap.

What Are Custom Lure Wraps?

A fishing lure wrap is a vinyl sticker that is wrapped around the body of a hard bait fishing lure like a crankbait or jerkbait. Lure wraps come in a wide range of colors and patterns and allow anglers to customize the look of their favorite lures.

Custom lure wraps take customization to the next level by allowing the buyer to choose the colors, patterns, images, text, and more printed on the wrap. Custom wraps let anglers add a personal touch to their lures with designs that reflect their personality, interests, or style.

Benefits of Custom Lure Wraps

There are many benefits to custom wrapped fishing lures that make them a fantastic gift idea for the fisherman in your life.

Unique Styling

One of the biggest benefits of a custom wrap is that it allows the angler to have a one-of-a-kind lure that no one else has. Even when using popular patterns like camouflage, the colors and styling can be customized to the individual.

Whether it’s a favorite sports team logo, lucky number, or inside joke, custom wraps let anglers put their personal stamp on their fishing gear.

Improved Visibility

The reflective, bright colors and designs that can be printed on wraps make lures much more visible. This helps anglers keep track of their lure when fishing waters with low visibility.

Greater visibility is also thought to potentially improve the number of strikes a wrapped lure gets. Some anglers believe more visible lures elicit more reaction bites.

Protects Lure Finish

Wraps don’t just decorate lures, they also protect the finish from scratches, chips, and wear. Much like a protective skin or case for a phone, wraps help keep lures looking pristine for longer.

Easy to Apply

Installing a wrap is a quick and easy process. Just clean the lure, peel the backing off the sticker, and smooth the wrap onto the lure. A few air bubbles can be squeezed or poked out with an edge of a credit card.

The 3M vinyl used on quality wraps has an adhesive that creates a super tight permanent bond. Once applied, wraps stay securely adhered through all manner of fishing conditions.

Reusable & Replaceable

While wraps are designed to stay on permanently, they can be removed when desired. Heating the wrap with a hairdryer softens the adhesive so the wrap can be slowly peeled off.

This allows old wraps to be replaced with new designs whenever the angler wants to change up their look. The same lure can have many different stylings over its lifetime.

Customization Options for Lure Wraps

One of the coolest things about custom wraps is the endless possibilities for customization. When ordering a custom wrap, buyers specify all the different design elements.

Color & Pattern Choices

There are no limits when it comes to color and pattern options. Any color imaginable can be printed onto wraps. Foil finishes can be used to add some flash and flair.

Camo patterns like RealTree and Mossy Oak are very popular. Carbon fiber, fish scales, and other textures can be printed to achieve different effects. Simple solid colors or combos work great too.

Photos & Images

Custom wraps provide the perfect canvas for photos. Anglers can have family photos, pictures of trophy fish catches, or scenic lake and river shots printed.

Company logos or icons, fish images like bass or trout, or fun pop culture images are other options. Vector art and illustrations can be used for a more graphic, artistic look.

Text & Fonts

Names, nicknames, phrases, quotes, and inspirational sayings are commonly added. Text can be printed large and bold or small and subtle.

Fun with different fonts, colors, sizes, and effects provides tons of ways to customize fonts to match the personality of the angler.

Clear Coat Finish

An optional clear coat laminate finish can be applied over custom wraps. This adds a protective layer that helps extend the life of the wrap. The glossy clear finish also provides a clearer, more vibrant printed design underneath.

Picking the Right Wrap Size

An important step when ordering custom wraps is providing the correct lure dimensions so the wrap size matches perfectly.

Measure the length and circumference of the thickest part of the lure to determine the length x width dimensions. Add 1/8 to 1/4 inches to the measurements to make sure the wrap has enough overlap.

Most wraps come in standard sizes like 2 x 1 inches up to 4 x 2 inches, but some companies provide fully custom sizing for odd shaped lures.

Where to Order Custom Lure Wraps

Many different online retailers offer custom lure wrap printing services. Prices range from $5-$20 per wrap depending on the complexity of the design.

Some popular retailers to design and order from include:

  • - One of the largest wrap designers with tons of style and sizing options.
  • - Known for high-quality prints and durable wraps.

When shopping for custom wraps as a gift, opt for a retailer that provides design templates, proofing, and great customer service to make the process easy.

Presenting Custom Lure Wraps Gifts

A custom lure wrap itself makes a great gift, but you can take the presentation up a notch with some simple additions:

  • Mount the wrapped lure on a plaque or display board to highlight the design
  • Package in a tackle box or fishing gift set with other terminal tackle
  • Include a gift message on a card explaining the meaning of the design
  • Tie a bow around the lure or add gift wrap for a festive touch
  • Frame the lure wrap design proof sheet as artwork to hang in the angler’s space
  • For special occasions, give wrapped lures in sets of 2, 3, or more

No matter how you choose to present custom wrapped lures as gifts, any fisherman will be thrilled to unwrap these one-of-a-kind fishing tools.

Perfect for Any Angler

Hardcore fishermen and weekend warriors alike will find joy in custom wrapped lures. The ability to showcase their passion while adding some personal flair to their gear makes custom wraps a fantastic gift.

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Part of what makes custom lure wraps such a thoughtful gift is that they continue providing enjoyment every time the angler uses that lure. It’s a gift that truly keeps on giving memories with every fish caught.

Seeing their designs out on the water and remembering the thoughtfulness of the gift giver will put a smile on the angler's face every fishing trip.

So for the fisherman in your life, make their next birthday, holiday, or special occasion memorable with the gift of custom wrapped fishing lures.

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