Upgrading the reel handle helps improve your fishing experience


As a fishing enthusiast, one of the most essential components of your fishing gear is the reel. It is the link between your rod and your bait, and it is the one that will help you catch that prized fish. But like any tool that you use regularly, your fishing reel can wear out over time. The handle, in particular, can become damaged, bent out of shape, or rusted. This can affect your performance as a fisherman, and could even lead to missed catches. Refitting or upgrading the reel handle can help increase the lifespan of the reel, improve your fishing experience, and allow you to catch more fish.

Improved Comfort and Ergonomics

One of the most noticeable benefits of upgrading the reel handle is enhanced comfort and ergonomics. When fishing, you may be holding the handle for hours on end, so having a comfortable grip is essential. Reel handles can be customized to your preference, with various shapes, sizes, materials, and textures available. Many fishing enthusiasts prefer EVA foam or cork handles for added comfort and grip. Upgraded handles offer a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue and increasing productivity.

Increased Efficiency

Upgrading your reel handle can help to increase efficiency while fishing. A solid and reliable handle will minimize the occurrence of slippage or jamming and will not require any extra force from the angler. It will translate the maximum amount of force to the line, allowing you to reel in your catch quicker and more efficiently. A well-maintained handle with a smooth drag will make catching fish more manageable and enjoyable, thus saving you time and energy.


Some anglers may find that the original handle on their reel is not compatible with their fishing technique or target fish species. This is where a new handle can come in handy. For instance, a heavy-duty handle may be suitable for large fish species, while a lighter handle would be more appropriate for smaller or faster fish. Similarly, for a specific type of fishing, such as jigging, baitcasting or spinning, you can use handles more appropriate for the job.

Improved Performance

The quality of the reel handle will have a direct impact on its overall performance. An upgraded handle can improve the sensitivity of the reel, making it easier to detect the bites of the fish. This is especially essential in freshwater fishing, where the fish is often more difficult to catch. Improving your reel handle can also help to increase your casting accuracy by providing better control and stability when casting. All these factors culminate in a better fishing experience.


Another essential benefit of upgrading your reel handle is its durability. Fishing can be a long and tiring process that requires you to use a reel handle for hours on end. Handles that are made from premium materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum alloy or other metals are considerably more durable than those made from cheaper plastic or other lightweight materials. Handle upgrades can improve grip, making the handle less vulnerable to wear and tear.


Upgrading your reel handle allows you to customize it to your preferences. This means you can choose from a range of colors or materials that will match your fishing style, personality or outfit. It’ll help you to stand out from the crowd or fit in with your fishing group or friends.


Refitting and upgrading a reel handle is a cost-effective way to improve the overall functionality of your fishing equipment. Rather than replacing the entire reel, which can be costly, upgrading the handle allows you to customize the experience to your preference without breaking the bank. With upgrades such as improved grip, increased sensitivity, better compatibility, and increased durability, you can save time and money over the life of your reel.

Final Thoughts

Your fishing reel is a crucial piece of your fishing gear. Upgrading the handle can make a huge difference to your fishing experience, from multiple perspectives. When it comes to refitting and upgrading your reel handle, some factors to consider include compatibility, ergonomics, customization, durability, cost, and performance. With a little research and investment, you can upgrade your reel handle to meet your unique fishing needs and preferences.

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