Modified Power Knob: The Best Choice for Professional Fishing Masters


Fishing is a passion that requires endless practice and the right gear. As with any other sport or activity, having the right tools can make all the difference in a fishing trip's success. One important aspect of fishing gear that often goes overlooked is the reel handle or knob. This small part of the reel might not seem like a big deal, but it can greatly influence your fishing performance. Professional fishing masters understand this and swear by the Modified Power Knob as the ultimate accessory for their fishing reels.

What is a modified power knob?

A Modified Power Knob is a replacement knob for fishing reels that offers increased grip and power. It is designed to provide a better grip with the angler's fingertips and is larger and more ergonomic than the standard handle. In general, it can make a huge difference in the feel and control of the reel, improving casting distance and comfort during battles with tough fish. It is not something that comes with a reel but something that must be added or bought separately as an additional accessory.

Why is modified power knob the best choice for professional fishing masters?

Professional fishing is about small details that can make a significant difference in the overall performance, and that is where a Modified Power Knob comes in. First of all, professionals need equipment that is not only reliable but also durable to withstand the constant pressure of fishing. A good quality Modified Power Knob is excellent in terms of longevity, which is why many fishing experts believe it is the best choice for their reels.

Secondly, professional fishermen spend long hours casting, reeling, and handling their equipment, which often leads to fatigue, especially in the hands, fingers, and wrist muscles. The Modified Power Knob offers a larger, more comfortable grip that can be operated using a few fingers instead of the whole hand. The size and shape of the knob help reduce fatigue, prevent hand cramps, and increase the overall comfort of using a reel. This means professional fishermen can cast over and over again without fatigue and get through long hours of fishing without feeling aches and pain.

The third reason is related to the power that the Modified power knob can offer. The larger air-resistant design provides a noticeable increase in cranking and spinning speed, particularly in heavy fishing conditions. Having an easy-to-grip knob can provide the necessary power and control to strike with more force and start the fight with the fish effortlessly. Moreover, the increased torque, particularly when a strong and heavy fish is on the line, makes reeling it in much more manageable.

Finally, the grip of the modified power knob is particularly useful in wet or slick conditions. Fishing professionals know that it is essential to maintain a firm grip, and this can be challenging when the handle is wet, or the angler's hands are sweaty. The design of the modified power knob offers better traction, which means that the grip remains firm even in wet conditions, reducing the risk of slipping.

How to Install a modified power knob?

It is quite easy to install a Modified Power Knob on a fishing reel. With just a few steps, you can switch up the traditional knob with the new mod grad system. First, you need to locate the screw that holds the current handle in place, and then unscrew it. Next, remove the old knob, being careful not to damage the reel spindle. Then, carefully slide the new knob onto the spindle and screw it back in place.

Before installing, make sure you have the right size for your reel handle because different brands and models come in different sizes, which means that one size may not fit all. It is also essential to ensure that the screw is tightened correctly to prevent the knob from slipping during casting or when cranking a big fish.


Fishing is a sport that requires the right tools and equipment, and modifying your reel with a Modified Power Knob is a smart choice for a professional fishing master. The knob provides increased power, enhanced grip, and reduced fatigue; all essential factors for a successful fishing trip. It is a valuable accessory that makes a sizable difference when it comes to casting, reeling, and fighting fish. When it comes to fishing, small details matter, and investing in a modified power knob is a smart choice for angling enthusiasts who want to take fishing to the next level.

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