casting reels are not easy to fry line operation method


Lure spinning reels are easier to operate than casting reels, but why do many people choose to cast reels? The reason is actually very simple. One is that the appearance of casting reels is cool, and the other is that casting reels are more professional for close attacks.

However, the biggest disadvantage of casting reels is the "fry line". this often happens to beginners learning casting reels. This is also one of the important reasons why many beginners have a taste for lure fishing.

Let's talk about how to prevent the line from blowing up

It is basically impossible for a novice to use casting reels to completely avoid thread frying. Many cheap casting reels on the Internet say that they can avoid thread blasting, but most of them are fooling around. In fact, only by practicing more, experiencing more, and getting familiar with the wheel can we avoid the line of explosion.

Casting reels are roughly divided into two types: magnetic brakes and centrifugal brakes.

1. Magnetic brake wheel, its main feature is that there is a magnetic adjustment knob on the outside, adjustable from 0 to 10 levels, and 10 is the maximum braking force.

2. Centrifugal brake wheel. Its main feature is that the side cover is easy to open. It mainly adjusts the position of the brake beans to control the braking force. Pushing all the brake beans to the outermost layer is the maximum braking force.

The most common and what fishing friends prefer to choose is the magnetic brake wheel because it at least sounds more advanced. I use magnetic brakes, and I will tell you some experience with magnetic brakes.

1. It is best to use a cheap nylon fishing line when practicing throwing with the gun handle rod and casting reels so that even if the "fried powder" cannot be solved in the end, it will not feel bad to throw it away.

2. First, after installing the fishing group, you need to adjust the casting reels first. When I practice, I first adjust the magnetic brake to the maximum, use about 10 grams of artificial bait, the lure rod is perpendicular to the ground, press the outlet switch, and repeatedly adjust the fine-tuning Turn the knob to find the best strength for the spool to stop and not reverse after the bait lands.

3. Throwing from the top: Put the tip of the pole at 90 degrees behind you and throw it forward to 10 o'clock. When you cast the line, be quick and press the spool with your thumb when the bait enters the water immediately.

4. When practicing, practice from near to far, which can reduce the chance of "fried noodles" and find the feeling of throwing. Brute force cannot be used. The short-distance throwing can be combined with the method of throwing the pole from platform fishing. First, put the line of the pole and then swing it out. )

5. Throwing in the opposite direction: Hold the pole so that the wheels and the throwing direction are 90 degrees in the opposite direction to exit the line, ensuring a smooth exit and accurate landing point.

When you have become proficient in throwing practice, master the following points in the fishing process.

1. When fishing, it is better to lock the power release of the wheel. It is advisable to adjust it to lift the rod vigorously to stab big fish (usually fish over one kilogram) without getting out of the line or a little bit out of the line.

2. After the fish is caught, if the fish is not big, you don’t need to adjust the discharge force, just use it as a platform fishing rod to slide the fish; if you feel that the fish is relatively large, you need to quickly loosen the discharge force, and the rod will be sent forward when the fish wants the line, Let the line reel out a part of the line and then accurately judge the size of the fish. Does anyone worry about whether it is too late to do so? Totally in time!

3. I usually use the 3.0+0.6 Dali horse line group in the reservoir without hanging the bottom. After catching big fish, I just loosen the venting force from the tightest state, and then I don’t adjust the venting force again. How tight is it? Only when the fish forcibly presses down the pole to form a tug-of-war, will the fish get out of the line a little bit, and when skating the fish, bow the pole vigorously, basically using the waist strength of the pole to the limit. - 20 patties of fish are basically taken within 10 minutes.

4. To use a strong horse as a sub-line, you must use a hook with a thick hook bar and an extremely strong hook shape, such as a small rock hook. The hook with a thin strip hook, which is a violent fish-sliding method, is easy to be pulled and deformed.

Do "bow your head to reel in the line and raise your head to bow the pole" to fully experience the fun of slipping a big fish.

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