Our Plan

Layfishing Recycling Program

Layfishing has also implemented a “take-back” program, which allows customers to return their old fishing gear to the company to be recycled or repurposed. This initiative helps keep waste out of landfills while allowing Layfishing to reuse materials.

Layfishing Donation Program

When you make an order in our store, we will donate 1-3 US dollars to water protection organizations in your name to treat ecological waters. We will publish the list of customers who donate each period to commend good behavior.

We Want More People To Join Us

Layfishing's use of recycled materials and commitment to sustainability is a step in the right direction for the fishing industry. By using recycled materials, Layfishing is doing its part to reduce waste and preserve natural resources. We hope more people will join us in adopting more sustainable practices and creating sustainable products that are functional as well as stylish.
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