One of the biggest challenges of any fishing adventure is finding where the fish are biting. To help ensure you have a successful day on the water, TackleDirect brings you The Places to Fish & Boat Map (powered by Fishbrain). This map, which is provided by The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (, shows which fish species fellow anglers are catching in certain bodies of water. It will also show you which particular bait was used so you know what to pack. You can scroll through photos of catches made near the bodies of water and filter by species to see what fellow anglers are catching in real-time.

This tool does more than just find places to fish. The map shows how many boats are in that location, too, letting you decide whether to travel to a fruitful-but-crowded spot or choose a quieter location. Other fishing points of interest (POI) available include locations for bait shops, gear and equipment, fly fishing shops, license vendors, marinas, boat ramps, charters, and fish refuges/hatcheries. It's like getting your own fishing guide!

To find your new favorite fishing spot on Taking Me Fishing’s interactive map, simply do the following:

  • Type in your location (or let your browser auto-locate you)
  • Zoom in and filter the map
  • Find your local fishing or boating spot
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